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Mesh bags for onions

Mesh bags for onions

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Our mesh bags for repacking, handling and transporting onions and corn are strong and durable.

"Master" bag in polyethylene or bag made of recyclable net for the packaging of fruits and vegetables. Available in, 25lb, and 50lb formats.


You can personalize them, print according to the colors of your company, The net mesh bags are made to measure according to the dimensions of your products


Mesh bags facilitate delivery to fruit and vegetable merchants and wholesalers.


100% recyclable net, eco-friendly braided plastic


10 lbs

  • Length : 11"
  • Height : 18"

25 lbs

  • Length : 15"
  • Height : 25"

50 lbs

  • Length : 19"
  • Height : 30"

Customizable format according to your needs


  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Mauve 
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