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Custom Printed Duct Tape

Custom Printed Duct Tape

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Don't miss an opportunity to promote your brand on your packaging with personalized adhesive tape. (3M Scotch tape) If you're looking for a unique way to make your packaging stand out, nothing beats custom printed tape!

With our selection of custom adhesive tapes, there's no need for dull, boring packaging.

Our high quality printed adhesive tapes will give your products a very special look - not just ordinary packaging The benefits of using custom printed tapes are many. It showcases your logo or brand in a bold and eye-catching way. Customers remember your brand every time they see packaging with your personalized ribbon. Your packaging instantly stands out from the competition - people will be able to recognize it at first glance! And since you can use bright colors and eye-catching patterns on the tape, they end up grabbing attention and being visually appealing.

Additionally, printed adhesive tapes provide an extra layer of protection against tampering or damage, which is very important in e-commerce these days. We pride ourselves on offering aesthetically pleasing products that are also highly functional and practical.

Place an order with us today and give yourself a competitive edge with custom printed tape Let us make your packaging shine! Compatible with gun or standard tape dispenser. This tape is durable, made with aggressive glue and adheres to all surfaces.

Width ( inch /mm)

  • 2" / 48 mm

  • 3" / 72mm 

  • 6" / 144mm


  • Transparent

  • White

  • Brown


For custom printing and logo, print 1 or 2 colors:

Available colors

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • White

  • Metallic colors (for an additional fee)

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Copper


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