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Recyclable Printed Plastic Firewood Bag

Recyclable Printed Plastic Firewood Bag

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Firewood bags or kindling bags are custom made by an experienced team and the bags are printed at our factory in Montreal, Quebec. The firewood bags are strong and available with or without a handle.

A sturdy, resealable option, our firewood bags won't let you down. The firewood, kindling bags are equipped with multiple air holes to facilitate the automatic filling process, to facilitate the process of bagging your firewood logs.

Our team has 20 years of experience in printing, up to 8 colors, 1 or 2 sides. We can design and manufacture to measure, according to the dimensions of your needs.


Ultra-resistant plastic film
Recyclable polyethylene (LDPE )
100% recyclable

Resistent to Ultraviolet UV rays
with or without anti-slip additive


Pack 1 cubic foot

  • Length : 18"
  • Height : 24"

Pack 0.75 cubic foot

  • Length : 18"
  • Height : 30"


  • White exterior
  • Transparent
  • Two or multi-layer film (co-extruded)
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