Press operator



Sector: Flexography, "Wide web 62" or 1.5 meters


  • Read and check the production file to take out the appropriate plates and cylinders, take measurements, install the plates with double-sided tape and compare the accuracy with the paper proof or the customer's signed sample
  • Start, fill the inkwells with ink pumps, take measurements and make the necessary adjustments (alignment and registration, register) to obtain the color and viscosity indicated in the production file before the start of the print run (color mixing/ ink)
  • Regularly check (at all starts and ends of rolls of film) on the light table with the color system and the sample or Pantone book to control quality and make adjustments if necessary
  • At the end of the print run, record the number of meters produced in the production file, record and measure the consumption of inks and plastic films
  • Remove, clean and store plates and cylinders after the draw
  • Follow and respect health and safety rules.
  • Locate and gather materials during the current run to prepare for the next production brief
  • Operate the forklift to unload or load delivery trucks (forklift training will be given by an independent organization)
  • Assist co-workers on the 3 finishing machines when needed
  • Observe and identify mechanical or electrical problems to inform the production supervisor in writing


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