Bag Equipment Operator



  • Set up, operate and adjust bag machines that transform rolls of polyethylene film into finished bags (Sideweld, Automatic Wicketeuse, Slitter and Rewinder)
  • Set sealing temperature, film tension and operating speed
  • Listening to packers for corrections to be made
  • Inspect the quality of the bags according to the production record
  • Maintain clean and safe workplaces
  • Identify and investigate the cause of breakdowns, then record in the register the repairs to be made to the main mechanic
  • Do preventive maintenance, if necessary, of equipment, and perform minor maintenance tasks
  • Assist clerks in completing and recording production times in the ERP system and completing production reports
  • Keep inventory of materials up to date (film and related supplies)



Qualifications preference

  • A high school or college diploma ( DEP ou DEC)
  • Knowledge of the basics of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic systems




  • 5 to 10 years preferably




  • Industry competitive, based on experience
  • Day or evening shift (7 h to 15 h, 15 h to 23 h)


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